Parents, Guardians, Family Members.

You can help your students realize their career dreams. Inspire Your Future can help!

Students make better decisions about where to go to college if they know why they are going to college. Inspire Your Future provides 
the opportunity for your child to investigate and experience a variety of careers and find out what inspires them! 

What exactly is Inspire Your Future?

Inspire Your Future is web-based portal that lets students actively
interact with area businesses and
vetted career coaches. By integrating career development tools (via Career and engaging a student's support network - teachers, counselors, parents, family members, mentors and the community - we provide the opportunity for young people
to experience the world and 
achieve their future career goals, by 
connecting their academics to the world of work. 

Our Goals are to:

  • Help students find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom
  • Engage students early, giving them resources to explore careers
  • Support and encourage students to set and reach career goals
  • Prepare the future workforce by letting students experience career options before making important college decisions
  • Strengthen the relationship between local businesses and educators
  • Create a more invested workforce by aligning student's strengths and interests with the needs of area businesses.
How can a parent or family member get involved
You can encourage your student to use the tools and resources from Inspire Your Future and Career Here is a short video with suggestions about how to participate via the Parent Portal. videoicon  You and your family members and friends can also sign up to be 

Career Coaches for students who are starting to explore their career options. In addition, you can encourage your place of business 

to participate with Inspire Your Future by completing a Company Profile. This is a win-win for local businesses and for young people 

starting to explore career choices. For more information, see the Business and Community page. 

With Inspire Your Future, students can:  

Assess Skills - Assess their own skills, abilities and preferences to see how they match up with careers that interest them.

Explore Careers - With access to more than 600 career profiles, including job titles and descriptions, students can explore career options. The site gives suggestions regarding education and coursework, information and training requirements, 

salary information and more. 
Connect to Companies - Companies throughout the Chicago area have completed company profiles that include a
company description, location, career opportunities, and what kind of Career Exploration Opportunities they can provide students, plus much more.

Ask Questions - Career Coaches in almost every field are available for on-line discussions. Students may also follow discussion boards of interest and read questions that others have had about specific careers.

Get Some Experience - Experience a career first-hand by participating in Career Exploration Opportunities by searching for job shadowing, mock interviews, company tours, company events, and internship opportunities. These are all offered by local employers as a part of Inspire Your Future.

Understand Choices - Understand the education and training required for a particular career, compare post-secondary school data and profiles and access college prep, scholarship and financial aid information.

Make a Plan - Develop a job search plan, write a resume and cover letter, and prepare for a job interview with step-by-step help. All this data can easily be saved and shared with mentors and advisors.