Partnerships and Community


is a Career and Technical Education consortium of nine high schools in the northern suburbs of Chicago, representing approximately 24,000 students. NSERVE has been committed to connecting academics
to the world of work for more
than twenty years. 

Key Business Partners


Business and Industry
In addition to running their businesses, participating businesses make themselves and their employees available to students and educators. They commit their time and resources to further inform the community about the career opportunities in their business and industry. Employers want their companies to be visible and enticing to future employees. Students who will soon be job-seekers want to find the perfect career fit. These are win-win partnerships. 

Community Support
Trade organizations, local chambers of commerce, as well as community and youth support organizations, all support the goal of better and more meaningful connections.  To find out how your business or organization could support Inspire Your Future, or how you as an individual community volunteer could participate with Inspire Your Future, click here. 

Participating Schools
Inspire Your Future - North Suburban Chicago serves 9 high schools as well as Oakton Community College. Educators, counselors and administrators support 
this initiative aimed to improve the connection between students and local businesses.