Business Partners and Community Members.
Why should you invest time and resources to Inspire Your Future

There are several reasons it makes sense for you and your business to connect to Inspire Your Future!

Be Visible. Let your future workforce see your business and
find out what you do. It's so simple: complete a company profile and your business will be easily visible to students exploring industry and career options. 

Make the Local Connection.
Consider offering Career Exploration Opportunities (CEOs) such as on-site job shadowing, mock interviews, company tours and internships, or send a representative as a guest speaker into a classroom or school assembly. These CEOs connect the classroom to the real world
of work in a way that provides relevance and context for students. Select your CEOs when you register your business. You can change these options at any time. 

Make a Difference

Make A Difference. The most influential 15 minutes of your week may be
as a Career Coach with Inspire Your Future, where you will provide information, feedback and encouragement to students interested in your experience and
career path. Share what you like best, how you got there and why, and the challenges you face. In just a few minutes a week, you can impact the future
of a young person by providing valuable guidance to the future workforce of
our community and nation. All Career Coaching is done online so you have
answer questions when your schedule permits, wherever you have an
internet connection

Get Started Today. 
Inspire Your Future reaches more than 24,000 studentsempowering them to make informed career and education decisions and giving them the tools to succeed. Educators, including teachers, administrators, and post-secondary partners are using these tools as well, benefiting from the connection of schools to industry, and improving the quality of education through career exploration opportunities and experiences. Local companies can now reach students in a streamlined manner, allowing them to make connections to future workers 
while having an influence on education both in and out of the classroom. Inspire Your Future works for everyone!

If your business is already registered and if you are already signed up as a Career Coach, log-in below. If not, register now to promote 
your company and industry to students, to encourage and interact with them directly, and to provide valuable advice and career 
development opportunities along the way.  Our Registration Guide will help you, step by step.