Our Vision

To inspire our community - young people, area businesses, families and educators - within a unique and
efficient engagement system focused on 
career-related learning and experiences.

Our Mission
The mission of Inspire Your Future is to do just that - inspire the future. 
By helping young people see career options early in their education and by making businesses and job opportunities visible and easily accessible, students have increased focus and awareness through their own individual education journey.  Companies ultimately gain stability with informed, knowledgeable employees who have appropriate backgrounds, education and commitment. This is a powerful partnership uniting local businesses, schools, families and students. Participation in Inspire Your Future demonstrates an invaluable commitment to the future workforce of our community and an investment in future employees, which advances the private sector and boosts the overall economy. 

Our Goals
The goals of Inspire Your Future are to: 
  • Help students find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom
  • Engage students early and give them resources to explore careers
  • Support and encourage students to set and reach career goals
  • Strengthen the relationship between local businesses and educators
  • Prepare the future workforce by letting students experience career options before making important college decisions 
  • Create a more invested workforce by aligning student's strengths and interests with the needs of area businesses

Our Partnerships
Inspire Your Future has the incredible support of the community. These partnerships make Inspire Your Future possible. Our key business partners, NSERVE, nine local high schools including educators, counselors and administrators, trade organizations, local chambers of commerce, as well as community and youth support organizations, all support the goal of better and more meaningful connections.  

To find out more about how your business or organization could support 
Inspire Your Future, or how you as an individual community volunteer could participate with Inspire Your Future, click here. 

How It Works
Inspire Your Future reaches more than 24,000 high school students and empowers them to make informed career and education decisions by giving
them the tools to succeed. Educators, including teachers, administrators and post-secondary partners are using these tools as well, benefiting from the connection of schools to industry.  We can enhance the relevance of education through Career Exploration Opportunities (CEOs) and experiences provided by local business partners. 

Inspire Your Future's collaboration among students, families, educators, and employers aims to introduce young people to local businesses and to existing and growing careers, connecting through an easy-to-use online platform. This platform includes on-line Career Coaching, company profiles and message boards that help inform students, parents, and educators about different careers and current and projected employer needs. 

Inspire Your Future is coordinated locally by Julianne Arvizu and all communication and postings between students, companies and career coaches are monitored. To contact us or meet our staff, click here